Friday, February 26, 2010

Recipe 2: Orange-Polenta Biscotti

Meet my friend, orange-polenta biscotti. My college roommate introduced us, and we've been buddies ever since. This biscotti might not be biscotti to the purists; it is a bit softer, and you don't risk breaking your teeth when you bite into it. You could dip it into tea or coffee, if you chose, but since I detest remotely soggy biscotti, and I hate crumbs in my tea, I've never tried it.

Anyway, this is orange-polenta biscotti. The first time my college roommate made them, they didn't last 2 hours. The second time (later that afternoon), they lasted much longer, but only because she said should would kill us if we ate them all again.

I made these today. I don't think I've eaten more than 5. I had to make sure they turned out, though. I needed a random sample of reasonable size!

Orange-Polenta Biscotti

1/2c unsalted butter (diced)
1c sugar
2 eggs
1tsp vanilla
2tsp grated orange zest
2tbsp fresh orange juice
2 1/2c flour
1/2c polenta
1 1/2tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Cream butter and sugar.
Add eggs.
Stir in vanilla, peel and juice and set aside.
Mix flour, polenta, baking powder and salt in separate bowl.
Mix flour and egg mixtures.
Shape into two logs about 2 inches by 14 inches and put on greased baking sheet.
Bake at 325°F for 25 minutes or so till golden on edges.
Cool 10-15 minutes (they crumble if you don't!)
Cut into ¾-inch slices.
Put back onto baking sheet and bake about 10-20 minutes
Turn over and bake another 10-20 minutes.

I baked mine for about 20 minutes after I sliced the logs, then finished them with 5 more minutes at 350. YMMV.

Local grocery stores carry polenta in their "bulk" sections, though if you don't live in Hippytown, as I do, you may not find it there (or your grocery store may not have a bulk section). You need dry polenta, not the kind that comes pre-cooked in a tube.

Tastiness rating: ***** (nom)
Appearance: *** Most of my biscotti looks like professional biscotti. That being said, it also isn't gorgeous. Perhaps a glaze would fancify it?

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  1. Yumm. :-) brings back memories. I've dipped them in dark chocolate before (if you're looking for that kind of fanciness).