Friday, January 15, 2010

why tasty cake?

While I was in Japan a couple years ago, I frequently sent messages to friends and family with the text "ate tasty cake." It doesn't matter where you are, in Japan, there are pretty much always delicious-looking, individually-portioned desserts, often for only a few hundred yen (a few dollars, at the time). The tiramisu, above, came from a convenience store. When was the last time you bought something this gorgeous at your local 7-11? If I hadn't been walking 5-7 miles a day, I'm sure I would have gained several pounds in the two weeks I spent in Japan. (There was other amazing food, too. Seriously delicious stuff!)

Now, a few years later, when I'm snacking on something or making dinner, people in my family will sometimes ask, "tasty cake?" And so, "tasty cake" has kind of come to indicate delicious, well-presented food. Thus, the title of my food blog. My food-related goal this year is to make delicious food that looks nice, in hopes that it will be easier to eat less of food that satisfies my eyes as well as my stomach. We'll see how it goes!

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